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Landscape Supplies Brisbane Southside

Landscape Supplies Brisbane

Looking for quality landscape supplies in Brisbane southside at a great price? we've got you covered!

Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscape Supplies are based in the heart of the Brisbane Southside in Tarragindi. As a Brisbane southside landscape supply company, we are conveniently located with a drive-through pick-up yard so close to the CBD and inner-city suburbs. Prefer delivery? We also deliver as well.

We have a great range of landscape supplies available both bulk and bagged including; soils, improvers, mulches, decorative rocks, compact bases and drainage gravels. We also stock a great range of timber, concrete retaining wall sleepers and concrete mixes. We’re trusted by our local schools, landscaping contractors, construction companies and the Brisbane city council.

Need to fill a rather large order for a bigger commercial job? We can deliver from our offsite holding yards direct to your project.

As part of the Mitre10 group our hardware store has a great range of paint, tools, hardware and more at competitive prices and we even offer click-and-collect direct from the Mitre 10 Website.

Whether you are a local landscaper, tradie or home handyman come and see the team at Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscape Supplies today for quality products at a great price.

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We stock a wide range of tools, landscaping and gardening supplies including:

Landscape Supplies Brisbane Southside

Garden / Organic Soil

Looking for great soil to improve or start your garden bed? Look no further than Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscape Supplies. Our quality garden soil is a composted organic mix suitable for direct planting that will enrich your plants and garden beds with extra nutrients. It’s also an excellent solution for filling your raised garden bed to give your plants the best start and growth potential.


Underturf Soil  

If you are laying down turf, you want to give it the best chance to take and grow well, so making sure that you have the right base soil is vital. Spreading a quality under-turf soil is highly recommended before laying your turf. Under-turf soil provides the added nutrients to enrich your grass and improves your drainage and water retention with the right blend of sand and organic material. We provide a premium under turf soil with a great mix of sand and organic materials to give your turf what it needs for the base soil.


Enriched Top Soil

Need an excellent all-rounder soil for your lawn and garden? Topsoil might just be the right choice for you. Topsoil is a darker, finer soil that is enriched with fine organic matter. Topsoil is a great allrounder soil and can be used to fill your raised garden beds, as an under-turf soil and can be used before you overseed your lawn to get the best results for seedling growth. We provide quality screened sandy loam soil with organic fertilisers added to enrich your garden.


Potting Mix  

For potted plants, it is crucial to use a planting medium that stays light allows roots to grow freely, hold water while draining excess. When comparing potting mix to soil for potted plants, the significant advantage of potting mix is its light consistency and good drainage. Potting mix is made of a combination of composted bark, recycled mushroom compost, fertiliser and slow-release nutrients. This combination assists drainage holds moisture and will stay loose rather than compacting, allowing roots to grow freely. We stocks potting mix made from composted materials and fertilisers added to a soil base to meet Australian Standards.


Bedding Sand  

Bedding sand is a medium-coarse river sand product that is used to provide a firm, flat and level surface for any landscaping project. It is commonly used for tile bedding, pavers, under-slab, pipe laying, as a backfill and other projects where you need the sand to hold its shape. We provide a medium washed river sand, and as with all our landscaping products, local delivery is available.


Crusher Dust  

Crusher dust is crushed rock and fine aggregates that are made from the byproduct of quarrying. It’s commonly used for building and landscaping applications including filling, packing, back filling and underslab. Its also a great product as a base for driveways, pavers, concrete slabs and garden edges. We offer crusher dust delivery or pickup with our drive-through yard in Tarraginidi Brisbane southside



Aggregates are an assortment of crushed rock that are used to provide volume, stability, resistance to wear and erosion depending on the application. They are commonly used for building and landscaping projects in driveways, concrete and bitumen. We offer a variety of aggregates stocking 5mm 10mm 20mm and 40mm. Contact the team today with any questions and to arrange pick up or delivery orders.


River Rock

River rocks are commonly known for their smooth rounded edges that are formed as river water erodes the original shape of the stone. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we readily stocking graded sizes from 20mm to 150mm. They are frequently used in landscaping and are used for pathways, driveways, garden beds and caged walls/ retaining walls. They have a great design appeal and offer great benefits to your application as they are durable, help stop soil erosion and weed seed germination. Call us today for more details.


Tea Tree Mulch - Feeder Mulch / Soil Improving

Tea tree mulch is the by-product of tea tree oil extraction. It is a dark coloured mulch that has fresh, fragrant smells and holds moisture well. The Tea Tree plant is a native Australian plant and is said to be a termite deterrent. Like all mulches, tea tree mulch helps to reduce weeds from growing in your garden by stopping seed germination. Our organic tea tree mulch is available in handy bales or can even be delivered to you in bulk.


Sugar Cane Mulch - Feeder Mulch / Soil Improving

Sugar Cane Mulch is a by-product of sugar cane farming. The sugar cane plant leaves are carefully collected, chopped, and then filtered to remove any dust. Sugar cane mulch is excellent for your garden as it breaks down naturally improving your soil and feeding your plants, helping to reduce the need for added fertiliser. Adding sugar cane mulch also helps retain moisture in the ground and suppresses weed growth in your garden. We offer an environmentally friendly organic sugar cane mulch product from the Rocky Point Mulching company available in ready to go bags.


Pea Straw Mulch - Feeder Mulch / Soil Improving

Pea straw is the leftover plant components after the pea crop has been harvested. Its a feeder mulch for soil improvement so it is an excellent product for use across both decorative and edible gardens. Pea straw mulch will feed the soil, retain moisture, encourage worm activity and suppress weed growth. Contact us today.


Lucerne Mulch - Feeder Mulch / Soil Improving

If you are an avid gardener and you are looking for a mulch that will tick pretty well ticks all of the boxes Lucerne is the mulch you want. Lucerne mulch feeds your garden bed, helps reduce weed seed germination, retains moisture in the soil, reflects light to keep soil cooler, stimulates root growth, eliminates root disease and is excellent worm food. We offer a quality ready to go bagged product from the Rocky Point Mulching company.


Cypress Mulch - Decorative

Cypress mulch has a timber chip look and forest smells, Its commonly used in gardens in Australia and has the added benefit of being a termite deterrent when you are mulching close to your home. The Cypress tree is native to Australia and great decorative solution when mulching your garden beds.We stock high quality cypress mulch that is popular for its attractive rusty colour and can be used to improve water retention.


Soft Fall Mulch / Pine Bark 5-10mm -    Soft Fall / Decorative

Looking for a soft fall product? Pine bark chips are an eco-friendly soft fall mulch option that's tried and tested. At Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscape Supplies, we offer a 5-10mm pine bark soft fall product suitable for playgrounds.


Hoop Pine Mulch - Decorative

Looking for mulch to cover a sloped garden bed? Hoop pine bark mulch is probably the mulch you want. Hoop pine is commonly used by Brisbane City Council because of its ability to grab onto a slope without washing away. 


Forest Mulch - All Round / Cheap / Budget 

Forest mulch is a wood chip product from the pruning and lopping of trees and branches. The organic matter is fed through a wood chipper and then aged. During the aging process, the mulch is baked in the sun for 3 months and turned periodically. This aging process prepares the mulch to be ready for use and helps to remove harmful components for your plants like tannins that fresh wood chips contain. Forest Mulch is a great budget mulch that is cheap and friendly to the back pocket. Contact Wellers Hill Hardware today for pricing and more information.


Soil Improver - Improve soil in your yard before planting

Soil improver is an excellent product to reinvigorate tired soil. With a long list of ingredients, soil improver includes organic compost, organic chicken and cow manure, blood and bone, gypsum, fish meal, seaweed extract, iron, zeolite and other trace elements. This helps to enrich the soil and improve colour and yields during harvest from your plants. Soil improver popularly used to enhance native soil in your yard before planting vegetable gardens.


Concrete Blend  - Our money saving concrete blend is a mix of sand, gravel, and cement powder that can be used to create quality concrete.


Cement & Premixed Concrete  - We have a comprehensive range of dry mix products including rapid setting concrete, cement, mortar and a variety of other pre-packaged products.


Road Base 


Silt Barriers


Silt Socks


Sand Pit Sand

Our sandpit sand is a fine course and cream colour sourced locally from the Gold Coast. Call Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscape Supplies today on 07 3848 1682.


Pine Sleepers - Wellers Hardware sell strong, high quality pine sleepers graded to F7 and treated to H4 level starting at only $11.99. Sizes range from 2.4m and 3m lengths to 3.6m with dimensions of 200mm x 50mm or 200mm x 75mm.


Concrete Sleepers

We’re an authorised reseller of QPRO Concrete Sleepers, a local QLD company that provides quality concrete sleeper and fencing products. For a quote or more information on the product contact the team at Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscape Supplies on (07) 3848 1682.


Weedmat  - Our high quality weed mats are suitable for any garden. They are the ideal environmentally friendly alternative to weed killer for suppressing weed growth.


Drive Through Yard In Brisbane

As one of the leading hardware and landscaping supplies stores Brisbane wide, our Tarragindi store has a drive-through yard where you can pick up sleepers, sand, cement, soil and many other landscaping supplies in the middle of Brisbane.

We pass our savings on! Email or contact the store on 07 3848 1682 to get a quote or organise a delivery.

Local Delivery Service

No time to pick up your supplies? No worries! With our delivery service we proudly offer landscape supplies Brisbane wide. You can have all of the materials you need delivered to your doorstep or jobsite. Call Wellers Hill Hardware today on 07 3848 1682 to organise delivery or pop in and see us on Denham Terrace in Tarragindi.

We're located in Tarragindi and we're your local in Holland Park West, Mount Gravatt, Annerley, Yeronga, Greenslopes, Highgate Hill, South Brisbane, Moorooka, Tenyson, Salisbury, Archerfield, Coorparoo, Eight Mile Plains, Wishart, Mansfield, Carindale, Carina Heights, Woolloongabba, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Mcgregor


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