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Benefits of Cypress Mulch

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Different Types Of Mulches And Their Uses | (Part 1)

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What Is Cypress Mulch?

Cypress mulch is regularly used in Australian landscaping and can be recognised by its distinctive colour. Cypress mulch is suitable for a range of different applications and is an inexpensive option for effective mulch.

What Is Cypress Mulch Used For?

Cypress mulch has a range of applications in landscaping and gardening such as preventing the growth of weeds and retaining moisture to allow your garden to flourish. Additionally, the cypress tree bark used in cypress mulch is a natural deterrent to termites and other insects.

The rich colour of cypress mulch provides a striking contrast to the green foliage of a garden and can be used to turn a plain garden bed into a vibrant feature. For this reason, alongside the longevity and binding ability of the mulch, cypress mulch is often used in large scale landscaping.

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How To Apply Cypress Mulch

Before applying cypress mulch, thoroughly soak the garden bed to be covered. cypress mulch should be applied to a depth of 75 to 100mm for good coverage. Be sure to leave approximately 1 cm of space around trees and plants in the garden bed.

Benefits Of Using Cypress Mulch

There are many benefits to using cypress mulch. For example, the bark of the cypress tree contained in the mulch acts as a natural deterrent to termites and other insects. Additionally, the use of cypress mulch can help to prevent weed growth and retain more moisture, encouraging the growth of your garden.

Benefits Of Cypress Mulch

Another benefit of cypress mulch is the striking colour. Not only can it be used to help your garden flourish, the deep colour creates a stark contrast to greenery, transforming a boring garden bed into a stand out feature.

Considerations When Using Cypress Mulch

One consideration when using cypress mulch is that it does break down over time. This can take nitrogen from the soil which can be harmful to a range of plants including corn, lettuce, roses and more.

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