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Indoor Plant Nursery Brisbane Southside

Indoor Plant Nursery Brisbane Southside

Looking for indoor plants for your home or office? Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscaping Supplies have a great indoor plant nursery in Tarragindi Brisbane Southside. We stock a wide range of indoor plants including a great selection of the most popular. We’re a family run business that has been in this Tarragindi location for decades. Looking for a particular plant? Why not give us a call today on 07 3848 1682

We stock a great range including the most popular indoor plants including:

Why have indoor plants?

Its true indoor plants really add to a space but are there any other benefits to indoor plants? Studies would suggest yes! Some of the benefits of having indoor plants in your home include:

  • Improve the overall appearance
  • Boost moods
  • Increase creativity 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Eliminate air pollutants
  • Add privacy
  • Therapeutic to care for

Some of the other plants that we stock include

  • Anthurium; White, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange
  • Asplenium; Australicum, Lasagne, Norfolk gem, Osaka
  • Alocasia; Dragon Scale, Bebe, Cuprea, Lauterbachiana, Wentii
  • Begonia; Polka Dot, Plum Paisley, Red Robin
  • Bat Plant; White, Black
  • Bromeliad; Medusa, Neo Fireball, Desert Star
  • Calathea; Beauty star, Bicajoux Pink, Freddy, Green, Jungle Rose, Makoyana, Miso, Roseopicta,
  • rufibarba, Pilosa, Vittata, Zebrina
  • Caladium; Dart, Key Lime
  • Chlorophytum Comosum (spider plant)
  • Colocasia; Black Magic,
  • Ctenanthe; Amagris, Grey Star, Oppenheimer
  • Diffenbachia; Camille, Exotica,
  • Dracaena; Beauty Star, Black Knight, Gold Dust, Tri Colour
  • Epipremnum; Jade, Pinnatum, Dragons Tail, Gold, Snow Queen, Marble Queen, Cordatum
  • Fern; Boston, Button, Crocodylus, Duffi, Elkhorn, Frosty, Kangaroo, Korean Rock, Leather leaf, Maiden
  • Hair, Microsorum Green Flame, Nephrolepis Ariana, Nephrolepis Fluffy Ruffle,
  • Ficus; Bambino, Binnendijkii Alii, Burgandy, Elastica, Green Island, Lyrata, Ruby, Spotted
  • Maranta Kerchoveana
  • Monstera; Adansonii, Delisciosa, Letcheriana, Marble, Mini, Siltepecana, Tauerii
  • Neoregelia; Medusa, Voodoo Doll
  • Philodendron; Brasil, Birkin, Black Cardinal, Congo, Cordatum, Green & Gold, Heart Leaf, Hope,
  • Henderaceum Velvet, Imbe, Lacerum, Lickety Split, McColleys Finale, Moonlight, Narrow, Pink Princess,
  • Prince of orange, Radiatum, Red Wing, Rojo Congo, Silver Sword, Squamiferum, Tortum, Xanadu
  • Schefflera; Amate, Amate-Soleil, Alpine Jnr
  • Spathiphyllum; Domino, Emerald Star, Petite, Platinum mist, Sweet Romano, Varigata
  • Sansiveira
  • Zanzibar Gem

We’re local to the following suburbs: Holland Park, Holland Park West, Nathan, Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Salisbury, Greenslopes, Annerley, Moorooka, Yeronga, Yeerongpilly


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