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DIY – Top Tips (Page 3)

Revive Old Garden

How To Revive An Old Garden Bed

Steps to take to revive your garden beds and their soil

Whether you’ve decided to finally try your hand at gardening or just moved into a new house with neglected garden beds, it can be difficult to know where to start

benefits of compost mulch

Benefits Of Using Compost As Mulch

Different Types Of Mulches & Their Uses | (Part 4)

Compost is essentially decomposed organic matter. Compost can be made from any kind of organic matter from food scraps and lawn clippings, to straw and manure…

sugar cane mulch brisbane

Benefits Of Sugar Cane Mulch

Different Types Of Mulches & Their Uses | (Part 3)

Sugar cane mulch is an organic mulch made from dried sugar cane leaves and tops. The texture of the mulch resembles is similar to hay. Although the majority of sugar cane in Australia is grown in Queensland...

benefits of tea tree mulch

Benefits Of Tea Tree Mulch

Different Types Of Mulches & Their Uses | (Part 2)

Tea tree mulch is a byproduct of tea tree farming. The mulch is made in the process of extracting tea tree oil from the Melaleuca plant. Once the oil has been extracted, the residue is called tea tree mulch...

red cypress mulch brisbane

Benefits Of Red Cypress Mulch

Different Types Of Mulches & Their Uses | (Part 1)

Red cypress mulch is regularly used in Australian landscaping and can be recognised by its distinctive red colour. Red cypress mulch is suitable for a range of different applications and is an inexpensive option for effective mulch…

how to start a vegetable garden

How To Start A Vegetable Garden 

It’s easy to start growing your own vegetables! Follow our beginners guide to planting a vegetable garden for a step-by-step guide to gardening that will have you enjoying homegrown veggies all summer long!

turf care tips

6 Turf Care Tips 

Laying new turf can liven up any backyard. From increasing the resale value of your property to attracting new tenants, laying new turf has many benefits. But what’s the best way to lay turf in order to create a soft green lawn in just a month? Follow our step-by-step guide to laying turf to find out…

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