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How To Revive An Old Garden Bed

How To Revive An Old Garden Bed

Whether you’ve decided to finally try your hand at gardening or just moved into a new house with neglected garden beds, it can be difficult to know where to start. You can’t just plant seeds in dried up soil and expect them to flourish. Reviving an old or neglected garden bed requires particular care to ensure that your plants survive the season.

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Remove Unwanted Plants

The first step in reviving an old garden bed is to remove all unwanted plants. This includes everything from dead plants to weeds as well as any leaves, branches, and debris that may be covering the soil. 

When clearing your garden bed, use protective gloves as there may be prickly or even dangerous plants that need to be disposed of safely.

Prepare The Soil

Once the garden bed is free of old plants and debris you will need to prepare the soil for planting. It is likely that the soil will need added nutrients to become a hospitable environment for your seedlings. 

Start by turning over the dirt and breaking up any hard, dry clumps. Next you can begin to add nutrients such as topsoil or compost. Continue to mix the added organic matter into the soil until a gently squeezed handful of soil begins to hold together. If you’re not sure what your soil needs, visit your local garden centre for advice on the right compost or topsoil for your garden.

Allow Time

Depending on the soil quality of your garden bed, it may require regular fertilising over time to fully recover. If you’re intent on starting your garden as soon as possible, consider planting in containers or raised garden beds until the soil can be properly prepared for growth.

Start Planting

Once your soil has recovered it’s time to start planting. If this is your first time gardening consider hardy, drought resistant plants. Often first time gardeners start with a herb garden as they tend to be forgiving and can survive if neglected.

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