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Preparing Your Garden For Spring (Part 2)

Whether you’re an avid gardener or you’re thinking about trying your hand at gardening for the first time, it’s time to dust off your old gardening tools and prepare for spring.

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Maintain Hardscape

how to prepare your garden for spring

Getting all of the little garden maintenance jobs done before spring begins will give you more time for gardening and enjoying your backyard in the warmer months. This includes maintaining the hardscaping in your backyard including fences, gates, and trellises.

First check the wood for any signs of weather damage including any broken sections and replace them before your plants start to grow around them making repairs more difficult. This is also a great time to give your fences and gates a thorough clean to provide a sparkling backdrop for your soon-to-be thriving garden.

Use a power washer to remove dirt, moss, and mildew. You may also need to do a spot clean of any particularly stubborn marks. If your hardscaping needs a bit of a refresh, restain or paint it once the wood has completely dried.

Start Composting

prepare your garden for spring

If you haven’t already started a compost heap, now is the best time to do so. Not only will a compost pile provide you with an easy way to dispose of all of your green waste, it will also provide nutrient rich food that will help your plants flourish.

A compost area can be made quite easily using bits of scrap wood (click here for a more detailed explanation of how to make your own compost). However, there is also the option of going out and buying a ready-made compost bin if you don’t have the time or patience to build your own.

Once you have set up your compost area, ensure that you are adding a good mix of grass clippings, dried leaves, paper, and sticks, as well as vegetable peels and other food scraps. You will also need to regularly aerate your compost pile (poke it with a garden fork every month or so).

Prepare Lawn

mowing lawn

Finally, no garden is complete without a lush looking lawn. To prepare your lawn for spring, rake up and remove and dead leaves, fallen branches, and other debris (add them to your new compost pile!). This will allow the sunlight and air to reach the soil to kick start your lawn growth after winter.

If you find any dead patches of grass, reseed them to ensure that your lawn is lush and full by springtime. To do this, firmly rake the bare patch of lawn. Next, sprinkle grass seed into a bucket of soil and apply to the raked area. Make sure that the reseeded areas are regularly watered until the new grass is established.

Head Down To Your Local Garden Centre

Once you have finished preparing your garden for spring it’;s time to head down to your local garden centre and stock up for spring. Wellers Hill Hardware is your local Brisbane hardware store. We offer a wide range of gardening tools and other gardening supplies including our own garden centre nursery. Visit us today at 1 Denham road, Tarragindi or call us first on 07 3848 1682 for expert landscaping and gardening advice.

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