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Hoop Pine Mulch

Hoop Pine Mulch Brisbane Southside

Hoop Pine Bark Mulch Brisbane Southside

Looking for mulch to cover a sloped garden bed? Hoop pine bark mulch is probably the mulch you want. Hoop pine is commonly used by Brisbane City Council because of its ability to grab onto a slope without washing away. Hoop Pine Mulch Comes from the hoop pine tree and will last up to 3-4 years. Wellers Hill hardware and Landscape Supplies carry a 1-2 inch hoop pine mulch with delivery and pickup both available.

  • Long-Lasting 1-2 inch nugget with an expected life span of up to 3-4 years
  • Grabs onto slopes better than other mulches without washing away
  • Preferred by Brisbane City Council
  • Comes from the Hoop Pine Tree
  • Helps to retain moisture in the soil
  • Prevents weed growth

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