How to build an easy raised garden bed out of timber sleepers Order Online

How to build an easy raised garden bed out of timber sleepers

How to build an easy raised garden bed out of timber sleepers

Single level timber sleeper raised garden bed

You will need the following:

Why build a raised garden bed rather than planting in the ground?

  • There are established trees nearby, and you don’t want to disrupt their roots.
  • High hard clay volume in soil
  • Rocky soil
  • Poor quality soil with no time to improve the quality

Where should you place your raised garden bed?

Don’t limit yourself to the backyard, your garden bed could be in the front yard, side yard or even by your driveway. The major thing you want to focus on is good sunlight to give your garden the best opportunity to thrive.


How much garden soil will I need?

For this, you want to determine the volume of your garden bed. We have included the formula to calculate volume at the end of this guide

Step 1 Size

Determine the size of your garden bed by measuring out the length and the width of your desired area. If you have enough space an easy way to determine the size is by cutting a timber sleeper in half for the width and using two full sleepers for the lengths. We will be using this method for this guide.

(If you need help visualising the garden bed size it could be worthwhile marking the area out with a string line or a chalk landscaping paint)

Step 2 Clear area

Clear out the area by removing any grass, weeds and debris.

Step 3 Cut lengths

Cut one of your timber sleepers in half – these will be your two short sides.

Step 4 building location

If you are building by yourself, place your lengths and sides where you will be making your garden bed as the frame will be quite heavy once complete.

Step 5 Pre-drill

But up your short lengths on the inside of your long lengths. Pre-drill your holes so that you don’t crack your timber. Its always good to countersink your holes so that the end of your screws sit flush with the timber.

Step 6 – Screws

Use appropriate size deck screws for your sleeper width and attach your timber widths and lengths.

(use deck screws so that your screws don’t rust out)

Step 7 Garden Stakes

Hammer your garden stakes into the four corners of your garden bed to keep it in place, pre-drill and use appropriate size deck screws to attach to the sleepers.

Step 8 – weed mat

If you had grass or weeds in the area, it could be a good idea to put down cardboard or a weed mat product first to minimise future weeding time.

Step 9

Fill the garden bed with premium garden soil.

Volume Formula
How to calculate the volume of your garden soil order
Volume = length x width x height.

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Disclaimer: Follow at your own risk. This is simply a guide and will not be suitable for every situation. 


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