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The Essential Gardening Tool Checklist (Pt 2)

essential gardening tool checklist for beginners

Whether you’re an avid gardener or just starting out, use our gardening tool checklist to help stick to the essentials and make sure you have the best tools to help your garden thrive.

[Part 2 of the essential gardening tools checklist. Click Here to read part 1]


5) Spade

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A spade is characterised by its flat, straight-edge blade, ideal for digging and cutting through soil and roots. A spade can be used for digging holes for new plants, edging, as well as moving small amounts of soil, gravel and other loose materials a short distance.

Buying Tips:

A spade is one of the more expensive items on our essential tools checklist, however, a quality spade will last a very long time. When choosing a spade, make sure that it is the right height and weight for your body (keeping in mind that a spade with a longer handle will provide more leverage, but will weigh more). Additionally, a spade with a stainless steel head will be durable and will not rust.


6) Garden Fork

A garden fork is great for turning soil, breaking up dirt clods, and sifting out stones. Additionally, garden forks can be used to aerate compost and soil, and is more effective than a spade for digging out hard packed soil.

Buying Tips:

The type of garden fork you buy should be based on your gardening needs. Forks with curved tines are useful for scooping mulch and compost, whereas, forks with straight tines are better suited to digging through tough soil.

Top Tip: Garden forks with square tines, rather than flat tines, are more sturdy and less likely to become damaged if you strike a rock while digging.


7) Wheelbarrow

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Last, but definitely not least on the essential gardening tools checklist is a wheelbarrow. No gardener’s tool collection is complete without a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow is the easiest way to transport materials around the garden, from plants and gardening tools, to soil, gravel, and fertiliser.

Buying Tips:

A wheelbarrow is an investment that will save you time and effort. When deciding which wheelbarrow to buy, invest in a high quality wheelbarrow with a strong bucket to ensure that it lasts a long time. Additionally, take into consideration the fact that a single-wheel wheelbarrow can be hard to balance if the load is uneven.

Top Tip: Store your wheelbarrow in a cool, dry place to protect it from the elements and prevent rust.


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