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Chunky Gidgee Charcoal Brisbane

Chunky Gidgee Charcoal Brisbane

Chunky charcoal is approx. in size between 70mm to 150mm. Available in 10kg Bag

This product is also excellent for long burning heat. It may be used for cooking or warmth in a brazier, fireplace or internal heating stove, or when camping as a fuel source for an open fire. This product is currently used in tandoori style ovens in Indian Restaurants.

Key Features:

  • Large and easy to handle with individual charcoal pieces being larger than 7mm.
  • Clear burning – no smoke
  • Light weight (lighter than wood)
  • Long burning (burning four times longer than wood)
  • Even heat – perfect for cooking(caution good ventilation must always be provided when burning charcoal in an enclosed space or room. Never touch white ash with your hand as often red hot coals are hidden within it)
  • Never use charcoal in a gas or electric oven or stove
  • Keep children clear of both charcoal fires and ash.
  • Charcoal fires and ash can be extinguished using water.
  • Available in 10kg

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