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10 reasons to choose a raised garden bed

10 Reasons To Choose A Raised Garden Bed


Raised garden beds are an ideal way to garden, they can be defined as any bed that is raised above the soil level. Some of their benefits include ease of access for those with mobility issues and improved growth due to being able to choose the soil environment needed for each plant variety. We’ve outlined some of the great benefits of opting for raised garden beds.


  1. Put raised garden beds anywhere

Raised garden beds come in a variety of styles and materials and can be placed on top of concrete, pavers, bitumen and gravel etc. This means that you can find the ideal place on your property that received the ideal amount of sun without concern. 

  1. Weeding is easier

The height of raised garden beds also makes weeding easier. By increasing the height you have created an area where you can either sit or stand while weeding. Raised garden beds are also less prone to weeds being blown in from surrounding areas and your footpath. 

Some good practices to reduce weeding time include; weeding your path and surrounds, adding a good mulch to help stop seed germination and purchasing your garden soil from a reputable source. By using a raised garden bed and following these steps you could almost reduce weeding time to nothing!

If you are proactive about weeding your path areas around the garden you could almost reduce weeding time down to nothing!

  1. Raised garden beds increase accessibility

Raised garden beds are a great option for those that have disabilities, injuries, seniors and kids.

By raising the working surface area you reduce or remove the need to be leaning over constantly while working in the area. Also by considering the width of the bed during the planning process you can factor in how far you can reach from either side of the bed. By ensuring that you can reach halfway into the bed from either side comfortably you reduce the need to lean into the bed while planting, weeding and harvesting. Reducing the amount that you lean into your bed also means that you won’t be constantly be compacting the soil leading to better plant growth.

  1. Choose the quality of the soil

The quality of the soil in your garden has a direct impact on how your plants grow and the harvest that you will bring in. Most suburban properties will have nutrient-deficient soil, clay, rocky soil and won’t always hold moisture well. You can build up your native soil by adding organic matter, compost, fertiliser, nitrogen, removing clay and rocks and introducing worms. However, this does take time to produce results. The quickest way to get started is by purchasing good quality garden soil from a landscape supply store. By purchasing high-quality garden soil you are ensuring that your plants have the nutrients it needs to grow well. This is a great option for beginners, those that are renting and may not necessarily be in a property long term or for people that want to get started straight away.

Another benefit of raised garden beds is being able to alter the soil for different plants. For example, you can increase the acidity of the soil for blueberries without effecting the surrounding soil for other plant varieties.

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  1. Raised beds help to deter pests

Raised garden beds can help you in your pursuit to deter pests. They can help to prevent your pets from walking through the garden, they are easy to net and are also great for crop rotation which will help you stop passing on pests from one crop to another.

  1. Good drainage

Your native soil may drain water too fast or even be waterlogged. This makes raised garden beds a great option. By choosing what you fill your garden beds with you are able to control the drainage of your garden. This can help reduce the watering time for dry soils and stop root-rot for waterlogged soils.

  1. Avoid plant damage

We have all done it, accidentally dragged the hose over young plants causing disaster and mayhem. Raised garden beds can work as a guide for your hose reducing the potential of accidentally whipping out half of your crop. 

It’s not just the hose though raised gardening might also just save a friendship or stop a loved one being uninvited from the Christmas lunch. By establishing raised garden areas it helps people to be more spacially aware by creating a walking guide. This will help stop your visitors and children accidentally trampling your garden beds.

  1. Easy planning and organisation

Raised garden beds are great for the organised gardener by allowing for planning your crops based on space. Because raised garden beds are defined spaces you can plan how many seeds you should buy and how well your garden will grow

  1. Looser soil

Having looser soil assists in good root growth, improves water absorption and drainage and helps provide your plants with the air and nutrients that they need to grow. Raised garden beds allow you to minimise compression of the soil by removing foot traffic and sitting on the edge or standing while gardening. 

  1. Grow on contaminated soil

Raised garden beds give you the opportunity to grow on contaminated land. Your properties soil may suffer from arsenic resulting from overuse of pesticides (rezonned farming land), lead from old paints, spilt petrol and more. Raised gardening beds give you a fresh start without the concern of how your plants will grow or whats actually ending up on your plate.


Raised garden beds have many advantages from improving soil quality, accessibility easier weeding and more. They’re also really easy to assemble with timber sleeper designs readily available online or DIY flat-packed products ready to go. Theres no better time to start than today!

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