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Which Type Of Turf Is Best?

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There are many different varieties of turf that come with their own pros and cons. For the best results, turf type should be chosen based on the area it will be laid. Whether you want a low maintenance, drought resistant lawn or a shade tolerant lawn that provides thick, lush coverage, Wellers Hill Hardware has the right kind of turf for you.

Wellers Hill Hardware offers quality turf at an affordable price. All of our turf is cut on the same day as delivery to maximise freshness, with next day delivery available for orders placed before 2pm. If you’re not sure which type of turf is right for your needs, give us call on 07 3848 1682 or visit us in-store today.

Which Type Of Turf Is Best?

Each of the four types of turf: TifTuf, Sir Walter DNA, Sir Grange, and Nullarbor Couch, come with their own strengths and weaknesses. To choose the best turf type for your yard it’s important to find a turf with the right qualities to thrive in your environment.


TifTuf turf is the classic, allrounder turf with a super soft feel and thick, dense coverage. TifTuf is a low maintenance turf variety that needs less water to stay looking vibrant and green when compared with other turf types. TifTuf also has a high drought tolerance and is naturally resistant to weeds and pests.

  • TifTuf Turf vs. Nullarbor Couch

TifTuf has a softer leaf than couch turf, with a more dense growth pattern to provide a thicker coverage. TifTuf is also more shade tolerant and requires less water than Nullarbor Couch to stay looking healthy and green.

  • TifTuf Turf vs. Sir Walter DNA

TifTuf has a much finer leaf than Sir Walter DNA turf with a dense growth habit, making TifTuf a better choice for active kids, pets, or backyard sports. Both TifTuf and Sir Walter DNA lawns need mowing at least once per week. However, Sir Walter DNA is a more shade tolerant variety requiring as little as 2 to 3 hour of direct sunlight per day.

  • TifTuf Turf vs. Sir Grange

Sir Grange turf has a significantly finer leaf than TifTuf and has a slower growth habit. This means that Sir Grange only needs to be mowed once every six weeks as opposed to TifTuf’s weekly mowing. However, TifTuf will bounce back from lawn damage more quickly than Sir Grange due to its fast growth rate.


Sir Walter DNA is Australia’s #1 buffalo turf. Sir Walter DNA grows in a thick, lush coverage for a luxurious looking lawn that is great for lounging on. Sir Walter DNA is a medium to broad leaf buffalo turf that has a fast growth habit requiring mowing once a week. Known for it’s high shade tolerance, Sir Walter DNA can thrive off as little as 2 to 3 hours of direct sun a day.

  • Sir Walter DNA vs. TifTuf

The main benefit of Sir Walter DNA over TifTuf turf is that it has a much higher shade tolerance. This means that it is suitable for mostly shaded outdoor areas where TifTuf turf would not survive. Sir Walter DNA is a medium to broad leaf grass variety, whereas TifTuf has a much finer leaf. Both turf varieties have a natural resistance to pests and weeds and require mowing once weekly.

  • Sir Walter DNA vs. Sir Grange

Sir Walter DNA and Sir Grange turf are equally shade tolerant, requiring only 2 to 3 hours of sunlight a day. Sir Walter DNA is a medium to broad leaf turf, whereas, Sir Grange has the finest leaf of all turf varieties. Sir Walter DNA has a faster growth habit than Sir Grange so it is quicker to bounce back from any damage or stress. However, this also means that Sir Walter DNA requires more frequent mowing than Sir Grange.

  • Sir Walter DNA vs. Nullarbor Couch

Unlike the shade tolerant Sir Walter DNA turf, Nullarbor Couch requires full sun to maintain healthy growth, making Sir Walter DNA the suitable choice for partially shaded backyards. Additionally, Nullarbor Couch is not naturally resistant to pests and weeds like Sir Walter DNA, requiring seasonal pest and weed management.

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Sir Grange turf is the ultimate combination of a practical and luxury lawn. Unlike the other available varieties of turf, Sir Grange has the finest leaf and a slow growth habit, making for a very low maintenance lawn. In fact, a Sir Grange lawn can be left for up to six weeks without mowing and still look beautiful and tidy.

  • Sir Grange vs. Tiftuf

Sir Grange requires much less maintenance than a TifTuf lawn, requiring mowing once every six weeks as opposed to once a week. Additionally, though both turf types have a resistance to pests and weeds, Sir Grange’s natural resistance is slightly better. Sir Grange is also more shade tolerant than TifTuf, needing only 2 to 3 hours a day of direct sunlight.

  • Sir Grange vs. Sir Walter DNA

Sir Grange has the finest leaf of all grass varieties, whereas Sir Walter DNA is a medium to broad leaf buffalo. Both turf types provide a soft, luxurious feeling lawn, however, Sir Grange is much more low maintenance as it only needs to be mowed once every six weeks as opposed to weekly mowing.

  • Sir Grange vs. Nullarbor Couch

The main benefit of choosing Sir Grange over Nullarbor Couch is the amount of maintenance required. Nullarbor Couch requires weekly mowing as well as seasonal management of pests and weeds. Conversely, Sir Grange has a slow growth habit and can be left for up to six weeks between mows. Sir Grange also has a naturally occurring resistance to pests and weeds that means that the amount of maintenance required to maintain a healthy lawn is minimal.


Nullarbor Couch turf is great value for money, offering a fine and hardy lawn that will thrive in bright, sunny conditions. Nullarbor Couch is a fine leaf grass variety with a moderate, loose growth habit requiring weekly mowing. Unlike other turf varieties, Nullarbor Couch has a load shade tolerance and requires seasonal pest and weed management.

  • Nullarbor Couch vs. TifTuf

Nullarbor Couch and TifTuf turf are both fine leaf grass varieties, however, Couch has a more open and loose growth abit, whereas, TifTuf grows thick and dense. Both varieties are good at self repairing and require weekly mowing.

  • Nullarbor Couch vs. Sir Walter DNA

Nullarbor Couch and Sir Walter DNA have a similar growth habit, each requiring weekly mowing. Nullarbor Couch is a fine leaf grass variety, whereas, Sir walter DNA is a medium to broad leafed buffalo.

  • Nullarbor Couch vs. Sir Grange

Where Nullarbor Couch requires bright and sunny growth conditions, Sir Grange turf is shade tolerant, needing as little as 2 to 3 hours of direct sun per day. Sir Grange has a finer leaf than Nullarbor Couch, however, it’s growth habit is tighter for a lush looking lawn, whereas, Nullarbor Couch has a more open and loose growth habit.

Visit Your Local Gardening & Landscaping Experts

Still not sure which turf is the best fit for your needs? Talk to your local gardening and landscaping experts at Wellers Hill Hardware Store. With a passion for all things DIY and outdoors, you can count on us to provide expert advice as well as quality gardening supplies at an affordable price.

In fact, we offer high quality turf that is harvested on the same day as delivery for guaranteed freshness. Your turf order can be delivered straight to site for an additional fee, or delivered to our store for smaller orders with no delivery fee. Call us today on 07 3848 1682 to place an order or visit us in-store.

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