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7 Creative Ways To Keep Your Workshop Organised

Is your workshop constantly a mess? Are you running out of room to keep your tools? Have you found yourself leaving the holiday period with an abundance of new tools and nowhere to store them? Whether you have a garden shed or a full blown workshop, tool storage will always be an issue.

Below is a list of 7 creative ways to keep your workshop organised in 2018.


1) Spring Clean

7 Creative Ways To Keep Your Workshop Organised

Start by cleaning out the entire workshop. This may be a daunting task but those tools that are gathering dust in the corner could easily be turned into cash in hand. Spending fifteen minutes posting your unused tools on gumtree is well worth it when it means uncluttering your workspace and earning some extra cash to spend on your next project. And if you’re not tech savvy, an old-school garage sale will still do the job.

Next, you will need to throw away any unused items that you can’t sell. Most workshops are littered with unfinished projects and miscellaneous junk. The first step to an organised workshop is throwing away the junk!

Once you have decluttered your workshop of unused tools and miscellaneous items, it will be much easier to start organising your equipment and workbenches.


2) Optimise Work Space

An effective way to achieve an organised workshop is to optimise your workspace and increase your storage. Converting furniture to have multiple functions is an easy way to do this.

For example: if you already have a set of drawers around waist height, adding a worktop will increase your bench space without using any additional room. Conversely, adding drawers underneath any existing workbench will increase your storage space without cluttering your workshop with an extra piece of furniture.


3) Drawer Organisation

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Everyone knows that drawers are a simple way to store a lot of tools and reduce clutter from bench tops. However, more often than not, drawers will turn into a dumping ground of miscellaneous objects making stored tools impossible to find.

No matter how much tool storage you have, if you can’t locate the tools you need, you may as well have them piled on the floor. Fortunately, there are some simple, low-cost ways to declutter drawers and organise your tool storage. One example of this is the use of pegboard. Though more commonly used for wall storage, pegboard is also a cost effective way to organise the tools stored in drawers.

Another inexpensive drawer organiser is a kitchen utensil tray. With basic utensil trays starting at around $3, you can organise screwdrivers, drill bits and other small tools for next to nothing.


4) Industrial Workbenches

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Though drawers and tool boxes can be handy, they can’t provide the organisation and easy tool access of a workbench.

Industrial benches provide a creative tool storage solution as well as additional bench space in the form of a sturdy work surface. The under bench space is perfect for storing your bulky tools while maintaining easy access. Additionally, shelves can be added above the workbench for extra tool storage.

Workbenches can be customised to suit any working environment from a home garage to a warehouse floor. Whether you need a portable work surface or a stationary bench. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to transform your workshop from a dumping ground to a highly functional workspace, an industrial workbench is the solution!

Macrack is a Brisbane based company that builds heavy duty workbenches for both domestic and industrial use. With workbenches built on a base of pre-galvanised steel frames, Macrack industrial workbenches are built to last. Call 1800 048 821 for a quote.


5) Wall Storage

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Workbenches also allow for the storage of tools on walls. Wall storage above an industrial workbench means optimal access to all of your tools without the worry of tools falling to the floor causing injury or breakages.

As mentioned earlier, pegboard is a cost-effective way to organise your wall mounted tools for optimal storage.


6) Cable Organisation

Organising the cables in your workshop is essential, not only to reduce clutter but also for safety. With machinery and power tools in close proximity to each other, the last thing you need is a loose cable running along the floor.

Spool holders can be added to any workbench for cable organisation. Additionally, running a large powerboard along the back of the bench eliminates the need for messy cables across the floor that create trip hazards. Alternatively, zip ties or a simple PVC pipe running under the back of a bench is an easy way to keep cables neat and easily accessible.


7) Label Everything

The last thing you need after spending hours, days or even weeks organising your workshop is to lose track of where each tool is stored. Ransacking every drawer in search of your angle grinder is a slippery slope back to the unorganised space you started out with.

That’s why it is important that once you’ve finished the organisation of your workshop, you label everything! Whether you use handwritten stickers or a label maker, labeled drawers, cupboards, and other storage areas are the key to maintaining your now organised workshop.


 – Ivy Jackson, Content Specialist


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