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Lucerne Mulch Brisbane Southside

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Lucerne Mulch Brisbane Southside

If you are an avid gardener and you are looking for a mulch that will tick pretty well ticks all of the boxes Lucerne is the mulch you want. Lucerne mulch feeds your garden bed, helps reduce weed seed germination, retains moisture in the soil, reflects light to keep soil cooler, stimulates root growth, eliminates root disease and is excellent worm food. That’s just some of the reasons why Lucerne mulch is the ultimate gardener’s mulch. At Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscape Supplies, we offer bagged Lucerne mulch from Rocky Point Mulch. Pick up a bag in-store or even organise a bulk order by calling the team today.


  • Increases nitrogen and potassium levels enriching your native soil
  • Helps to retain moisture in the soil
  • Prevents weed seed germination
  • Reduces fertiliser costs
  • Keeps the soil cool by reflecting heat with its lighter colour
  • Helps to stimulate root growth and prevent root disease through hormones in the mulch
  • Great worm food encouraging worm activity in your soil

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