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Fiddle Leaf Fig Brisbane Southside Nursery

Looking for a nursery that stocks the Fiddle Leaf Fig on the Brisbane Southside for your home or office? Wellers Hill Hardware and Landscaping Supplies have a great indoor plant nursery in Tarragindi Brisbane Southside. We stock a wide range of indoor plants including a great selection of the most popular. We’re a family run business that has been in this Tarragindi location for decades. Looking for a particular plant? Why not give us a call today on 07 3848 1682.

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We’re local to the following suburbs: Holland Park, Holland Park West, Nathan, Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Salisbury, Greenslopes, Annerley, Moorooka, Yeronga, Yeerongpilly


The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus Lyrata, sometimes known as the fiddle-leaf fig, is a flowering plant in the Moraceae family of mulberries and figs. It is native to western Africa, growing in lowland tropical rainforests from Cameroon to Sierra Leone. It may reach a height of 12–15 metres.

The leaves have a leathery texture, pronounced veins, and a wavy border, like a lyre or violin. They may be up to 45 cm long and 30 cm wide, but they are generally smaller and have a large apex and narrow midsection, resembling a lyre or fiddle.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Indoors

Despite its widespread appeal, the fiddle-leaf fig is a complex houseplant to relocate, particularly from a location where it is flourishing. It cannot resist low temperatures or survive protracted freezes since it is a tropical plant. Your fiddle-leaf fig will stay bright green with its trademark glossy sheen with proper drainage, enough sunshine (direct but not severe), and water misting.

How To Grow Fiddle Leaf Fig In A Pot

  1. The pot required is dependent on the size of your plant. When choosing a spot for your fiddle leaf fig its important to keep it away from direct sunlight.
  2. Partly fill the new pot with a premium potting mix.
  3. Take care in removing the fiddle leaf fig from its current pot and carefully tease the roots cutting away any tangling.
  4. Place the plant into the new pot and backfill with potting mix. Press down the potting mix gently to help fix into position and water well.
  5. The fiddle leaf fig plant likes the potting mix to dry before watering again. This helps to avoid root rot and leaf fall. If experienced, using your finger to check moisture level is excellent; however, a moisture meter could be a great purchase to help here if you feel inexperienced.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips

  • Fiddle leaf figs thrive in humid conditions and are generally OK with the typical climate inside your home. If air conditioning is frequently used it may be worthwhile misting the plant as needed, even daily if required.
  • Fiddle leaf figs do not like to be overwatered or to sit in a saucer of water.
  • When roots start to grow out of the base its time for a slightly larger pot, Repotting is recommended in early spring.

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