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4 Easy Ways To Increase Kerb Appeal Of Your Home

4 Easy Ways To Increase Kerb Appeal

Cultivating the kerb appeal of your home will make your house stand out and look well cared for. Plus, it’s and easy and cost effective way to boost the value of your house and help it sell faster. Below are our top four tips on how to improve the kerb appeal of you home without breaking the bank.


Tidying up your front yard is one of the simplest and more cost-effective ways to increase the kerb appeal of your home. Start with the obvious tasks of removing eyesores such as old furniture, dead pot plants, and untidy garden hoses. Sweep or hose down the driveway and remove ensure there is no newspapers or circulars in or around your mailbox.

Next, assess each item in your front yard. If anything is both unattractive and unnecessary, remove it. Additionally, move rubbish and recycling bins to the side or back of the house.

Wash The House

Washing the walls and windows of your home can have a huge affect on the kerb appeal of your home. Start by sweeping away any dirt and spiderwebs on the walls and entrance of your home. Use a pressure washer to clean down the walls of your house. (Note: the strong spray of a pressure washer can sometimes peel off the paint of the house so make sure you know what you’re doing before you begin). Make sure that you do not spray any electrical wires, light fixtures, or window.

If you don’t own a pressure washer or know anyone who owns one, check at your local hardware store as they may hire them out. Alternatively, spray down your house with a garden hose while scrubbing it down with a soft-bristled brush.

If, after cleaning down the walls, your house is still looking a little worse for wear, consider a fresh paint job.

Look After Your Lawn

Looking after your lawn is one of the most crucial elements of maintaining kerb appeal. As the lawn typically makes up a large portion of the front yard, it can dramatically affect the kerb appeal of your home.

To keep your lawn looking neat, lush, and bright, ensure that you are taking proper care of it. This includes regularly mowing and edging your lawn, pulling or killing weeds, raking and removing dead leaves, and ensuring that it is well watered and fertilised in order to maintain its vibrant green colour.

By regularly maintaining your lawn it becomes a much easier job than trying to revive an overgrown lawn that is covered in weeds and dead patches.

If you live in a dry area where it is difficult to keep your lawn looking healthy and green, consider an alternative of a paved area with shrubs and potted plants or artificial turf.

Refurbish Your Front Door

Finally, refurbish your front door. The front entrance is typically the centrepiece of your home when looking in from the kerb so it’s important that it stands out. One easy way to revamp your front entrance it to give the door a fresh coat of paint.

Some other tips on freshening up your front entrance way is to install outdoor lighting. Not only will this ensure your home stands out at night, it will make it much easier and safer for anyone entering your home. Additionally, add some pot plants to either side of the door to give a pop of colour and make the door a focal point of the house.

What Are You Waiting For?

Using our top tips you will be able to dramatically improve the kerb appeal of your home without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Head down to your local hardware store at Wellers Hill Hardware & Landscape Supplies.

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