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How To Grow A Lawn From Seed – For Beginners

how to grow a lawn from seed

Growing a lawn comes with many benefits, from creating an inviting outdoor space for barbeques, backyard sports, and relaxation, to increasing the value of your property and improving kerb appeal. If you’re looking to establish a new lawn on your property, growing from seed is a simple and affordable option.

Though the thought of growing a beautiful lawn from a seed can be intimidating to non-gardeners with a history of killing innocent houseplants, it’s likely much easier than you think. The key to growing a lush and vibrant lawn is proper planning and preparation. 


Step 1: Choosing The Right Grass


Choosing the right grass for your environment is an essential step in growing a lawn that will actually survive. There are many different types of grass seed that will flourish in varying environments and climates. For example, Couch is a hardy grass variety that will thrive in full sun, whereas, Buffalo is a more shade tolerant species. 

If you’re not sure which type of grass is right for your yard, talk to your local landscape and gardening specialists at Wellers Hill Hardware Store or give us a call on 07 3848 1682 for free, expert advice. 


Step 2: Preparing The Soil

improve garden soil

To prepare your soil, start by raking the area, removing any rocks, grass, branches, etc. that may be covering the surface. Once you have removed the debris and rake the soil into a flat surface, lightly wet the area and sprinkle on some fertiliser in a thin, even layer. 


Step 3: Spreading The Lawn Seed


Once your soil is damp and fertilised, spread your lawn seed. Make sure that the seed is spread evenly across the surface and avoid creating clumps of seeds for even growth. It’s also important not to spread too much seed to ensure the healthy growth of your lawn. 


Step 4: Topdressing


After spreading the seed, add a thin, even layer of topdressing soil. This will help to protect the seed from being blown away by the wind or eaten by birds, ensuring even growth for a lush looking lawn.

Next, add a wetting agent, applied in a fine mist (usually available in a pre-mixed package that can be connected directly to a hose for spraying). Ensure that you do not over water the soil as this can cause the seed to wash away.


Step 5: Daily Watering

grow lawn for beginners

Finally, water the soil frequently to ensure that the top 5cm or so remain moist, but not sopping wet. Depending on the climate your seed may require multiple waterings per day. If you’re not sure if your lawn needs watering, feel the soil to see if it has dried out.

Continue small and frequent waterings each day until your lawn is established (you should see  around 2 to 3cm of growth). 




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