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How Gardening Can Help Reduce Stress

With the confusion and constant changes due to recent world events, finding a healthy way to relax and relieve stress is important now more than ever. Studies show that gardening is a great method for stress relief and can even be more effective in relieving stress and improving your mood than simply sitting down to read.

Plus, gardening also comes with a number of additional benefits ranging from transforming a lacklustre yard into a beautiful, relaxing space, to improving the taste and freshness of your produce, and even reducing your grocery bill.

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How Gardening Can Help Reduce Stress

How Gardening Can Help Reduce Stress


Practising mindfulness is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety by focusing on the task at hand, preventing our brains from getting overwhelmed. Gardening facilitates the practise of mindfulness as you are able to focus on planting, watering, weeding, and other simple tasks without worrying about any of the everyday issues that may be causing you stress.


Similarly, simply spending time outdoors, in the relaxing and beautiful environment of your garden is a great way to relax and boost your mental health. In addition to the relaxing environment, tending to and watching your plants grow can become a great source of relaxation and stress relief.

Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food in your garden gives you peace of mind, knowing exactly what has gone into your produce as well as ensuring that it is eaten fresh. Cultivating a vegetable garden can also help to reduce your grocery bill, saving money which can be a great stress relief if you’re living on a limited budget.

Staying Active

Another benefit of using gardening as a stress relief is that it allows you to stay active. Unlike other common stress relieving activities, such as reading, gardening involves physical activity which is another proven stress relief tool. This means that not only is gardening a relaxing activity, you are also getting additional benefits including exercise and sunlight which has also been shown to help improve your mood.


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