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7 Creative Gardening Tips For Renters

Gardening in a rental home can seem like a waste of time and money as eventually, you will have to leave your garden and start over. However, that doesn’t mean gardening is out of the question in a rental home, it simply means you need to get a little creative. Below is a list of 7 creative gardening tips for renters.

1) Pots & Planters

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If you’re thinking about planting a garden in your rental property, pots and planters are your two new best friends. As a tenant you have signed an agreement to maintain the property to the standard that it was when you moved in, and this includes lawns and gardens. This can be tricky when it comes to planting a garden as you can’t make any drastic or permanent changes to the property without the landlord’s consent.

Luckily, pots and planters provide a great alternative allowing you to plant a garden without permanently altering the property. Plus, they are 100% portable meaning you won’t work tirelessly to keep your garden flourishing just to have to leave once the lease ends.

An added benefit of a garden made up of pots and planters is that there are so many different types of pots available. You can choose to use uniquely coloured pots of varying shapes and sizes to add extra interest in your backyard and you can even match them to the decor of the house.

Alternatively, you can use plain black or terracotta pots for a uniform look that keeps the focus on your blooming garden. Garden pots can also be made reasonably inexpensive by upcycling old, second-hand pots with a fresh coat of paint to suit your theme.

When creating a garden with pots and planters in a rental property it is important to be mindful of where the water will drain to, particularly when placed on hard surfaces such as concrete. When using pots inside be sure to catch any run off when watering to avoid damage to the property.

2) Raised Garden Beds

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Another way to create a portable garden is with a raised garden bed. Raised garden beds are perfect for both vegetable gardens and flower beds. Using a raised garden bed means that you can take your plants with you when you move as you can’t take any plants that are planted into the ground at a rental property (even if you bought and grew them yourself).

Raised garden beds can be placed anywhere from grassed or paved areas to in an existing garden bed (make sure that there is adequate drainage if placed over a paved area). They also come with the added benefit of being raised off of the ground making it easier to tend the garden without straining your back.

Using a raised garden bed allows you to plant your own garden without digging into the landlords existing garden and potentially breaking your lease agreement. However, it is important to remember that you may be required to make repairs to the property such as patching the lawn that was covered by the garden bed or high pressure cleaning of a paved area.

3) Choosing Plants

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The right plants for a portable garden are not necessarily the same plants that you would plant in a normal garden bed. This is because, as a renter, your plants will move with you when you move, possibly to a different environment. So, the plants you choose will have to be more resilient than those planted in a garden bed and able to grow in varying environments.


4) Artificial Grass

For apartments or properties without a grassy backyard it can seem like there’s no way to get that garden oasis feel. However, with artificial grass, you can turn a paved backyard or even a 5th floor balcony into a portable garden. And when you move you can take your turf with you.


5) Vertical Gardening

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Another creative solution to gardening in a rental property is vertical gardening. Hanging plants are particularly effective for properties with limited space and even gardening on a balcony. For smaller areas try using wall hanging pots or pots that can sit over a balcony rail.

Another way to incorporate vertical gardening into your rental property is by covering backyard fences with vertical gardens. This is perfect for smaller plants such as herbs. Alternatively, use a freestanding trellis to create a vertical garden feature. This is once again completely portable and can be easily moved to your next house.

6) Pavers

Pavers are an inexpensive way to cover up patches of dirt without altering the state of the property. This is ideal for renters as you can create a manicured garden look without breaking your lease agreement. Pavers are also cost effective as they can be removed and reused when needed meaning you will only have to buy them once and can take them with you to each new rental property.

7) Community Garden

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Finally, if a portable garden just isn’t for you, why not join a local community gardening group where you’ll get your own little plot to plant whatever you like. This is also a great option as it helps you to connect with other like-minded people and avoid potential issues with your landlord.


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If you’re looking for quality garden supplies including pots, plants and tools visit the Wellers Hill Hardware store today. Our team are passionate about gardening and landscaping and can get you started with expert gardening advice, no matter your skill level. Our store is locally owned and run so you will always get friendly customer service from our local team members. Call Wellers Hill Hardware today on 07 3848 1682 to place an order or visit us at our Tarragindi store.


– Ivy J, Content Specialist


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