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What’s The Difference Between Top Soil & Garden Soil?

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Using the wrong soil in your garden can cause a number of problems, from starving your plants of the nutrients they need, to having your entire garden wash away at the first sign of rain. So, when it comes to topsoil, it’s important to ensure that you’re using it correctly.

whats the difference between topsoil and garden soil

What Is Topsoil?

Topsoil is a dark, soft and loamy soil that is often used to encourage growth in new lawns and garden beds.

What’s The Difference Between Top Soil & Garden Soil?

One of the most commonly asked questions in any garden centre is ‘what is the difference between topsoil and garden soil?’. Top soil refers to the top layer of soil that tends to be dark in colour and loamy in texture. Topsoil is soft and easy to till with low water retention, ideal for ensuring that the air above can reach the plant roots below.

Topsoil is a more general purpose type of soil and tends to have less organic matter and fertilisers as garden soil. This means that if you’re planning on using only topsoil in your garden you will need to add your own fertiliser.

Garden soil refers to premixed bags of soil that are often mixed to target a specific type of garden, whether it be a rose garden or a vegetable garden. These soil mixes contain organic matter and fertilisers that will help your plants flourish. Garden soil can be more expensive than topsoil and tends to come in smaller bags.

Choosing the right soil for your garden depends on the type of garden you have as well as the natural soil already in your garden. If you’re not sure whether you need topsoil or garden soil, visit your local garden centre at Wellers Hill Hardware for expert advice from one of our friendly team members or give us a call on 07 3848 1682.

What Is Topsoil Used For?

Topsoil is often used for topdressing lawn or turf. The process of topdressing helps to smooth the surface of the lawn and reduces that build up as it speeds up the process of decomposition. Additionally, topsoil can be used to topdress after seeding as this helps to protect the plants as they are developing and becoming established.

Other common uses for topsoil include creating a base for turf to be laid or grass to be seeded as well as in raised garden beds.

How To Use Topsoil

It’s generally not a good idea to replace all of the soil in your garden with top soil. Use enriched topdressing soil to improve your soil by tilling the soil in your garden and adding a thin layer to the top. Next, till the soil again until the topsoil layer becomes incorporated into the existing soil. Then, add a new layer of soil on top and you’re ready to start planting.

If using top soil to encourage the growth of your lawn, spread a thin layer of topsoil across the entire lawn, filling in holes and smoothing out the surface. Make sure that the topsoil layer is not too thick to ensure that air can still reach the roots. The additional layer of topsoil will assist in the decomposition of any stems and grass clippings, allowing your lawn to flourish.

Where To Buy Topsoil

Wellers Hill Hardware is your local garden centre and landscape supplies store. We offer quality enriched topdressing soil for all of your gardening needs. Visit us in store today or give us a call on 07 3848 1682 for expert advice and quality gardening supplies Brisbane southside.


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