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How To Build A Fire Pit | Landscaping For Beginners

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What You’ll Need:

  • Spray paint
  • Gravel to fill the pit
  • Shovel
  • Concrete landscaping stones (there are bricks specifically designed for fire pits or you can use any type of flat, sturdy and uniformly shaped stone)
  • Masonry adhesive
  • Rubber mallet

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Before You Begin:

Before you begin the construction of your fire pit you’ll need to check the recreational fire codes for your area.

You will also need to where you want to build your fire pit ensuring you are meeting any council regulations. Generally you should choose a grassy area at least 3 metres away from buildings, structures, trees and fences. You will also need to ensure that there is nothing hanging above the firepit such as tree branches.


Step 1: Outline The Pit

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The first thing you’ll need to do is create an outline for your firepit. There are two ways to do this: you can either lay out your bricks where you want them and draw the outline or use a stake and string to trace an outline.

Lay Out Bricks:

If you are using rounded bricks it is usually best to lay them out first rather than trying to fit them into a premarked circle. To do this, simply lay the bricks as you want them and remove every second brick. Next, make a line to join the outer edge of each remaining brick with brightly coloured spray paint. Then, remove all bricks and join the lines together to form your outline.

Trace String:

If you already have an idea of the size you want or have strict government regulations you may want to use a stake and string to create your outline. To do this, simply place a stake in the grass at the centre of where your firepit will be. Next, tie a string to the top of the stake. (Note: ensure the string isn’t too short).

Once the string is tied, pull it down to touch the ground where the outside of your fire pit will be to form a right hand triangle between the stake, the string and the ground. Then cut the string where it meets the ground. Finally, slowly move the string around the stake, spray painting a line where the string meets the ground until you have marked an entire circle.


Step 2: Dig The Pit

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The next thing you’ll need to do is use a shovel to dig a hole inside your marked circle approximately 15 to 20 cm deep. Once the hole has been dug, ensure that the soil is as level as possible removing excess soil from high spots and adding remaining soil to low spots.

Note: ensure that there are no pipes or utility lines below before you begin digging.


Step 3: Lay The Foundation

Once the pit has been dug and leveled out you will need to add a thick layer of gravel to fill the hole. The gravel should be evenly spread and the top of the gravel layer should be level with the surrounding grass. This step is essential as it provides a drainage outlet for the fire pit when it rains.



Step 4: Build The Pit

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Now it’s time to build the pit. Start by laying the first layer of bricks at the outer edge of the gravel circle ensuring that the bricks remain level with one another (you may need to use a rubber mallet to tamp them down into place).

Once the first layer is complete you will need to add some masonry adhesive to the bottom of each brick on the second layer to ensure that the bricks are secure. Continue to tamp down each new brick with the rubber mallet to keep the layer level (both on the top and on the sides). Note: for the second layer each brick should be placed over the joint between two bricks in the lower layer.


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Lay the third layer of bricks in the same manner by adding masonry adhesive to the bottom of each brick and staggering them to be placed over the joint of two bricks in the layer beneath. (if you have staggered the bricks correctly the bricks in the first and third layer should be more or less in line with one another.

Note: the number of layers you need will depend on the size of your bricks. The fire pit walls should be at least 30 cm tall when completed.

(Optional): you may also want to lay an inner wall of fire bricks as an extra safety measure. This can be done by simply repeating the steps used to lay the fire pit bricks.


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– Ivy J, Content Specialist

Disclaimer: Follow at your own risk. This is simply a guide and will not be suitable for every situation. Always be careful with children and animals in around fire. This pit is not made to be leaned on or sat on.


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