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6 Simple Landscaping Ideas To Beautify Your Backyard

6 Simple Landscaping Ideas To Beautify Your Backyard


New year, new you, and new yard! Use our 6 simple landscaping ideas to beautify your backyard for 2019!


1) Trim Back Overgrown Trees

If you want your garden to thrive all year long you will need to ensure that your plants are receiving enough sunlight. This means that you may need to trim back or remove any large trees that prevent sunlight from reaching your garden.

Tree removal is also a great way to reduce your backyard maintenance, particularly if you have palm trees in your yard. This is because if palm trees are not regularly pruned, dead fronds will begin to fall which can cause serious injury as well as giving your yard an unattractive and untidy look.

However, tree trimming and tree removal can be extremely dangerous, so if you’re looking to neaten up your backyard and help your garden flourish you will need to hire a professional Brisbane arborist. Not only will this give your garden a tidy, low maintenance look, tree trimming can also prevent potential damage to your backyard and property that can be caused by fallen trees.


2) Add A Garden Border

mulch brisbane southside

Adding a garden border is a simple way to make your garden look much neater and low maintenance by creating a defined line to separate your garden beds, lawn, and other plants. This is a relatively easy undertaking whether you’re adding a physical border or simply cutting a defined edge into your lawn.

When marking out where your garden edge will be it is important to remember that curved lines will make your garden look bigger. Conversely, straight lines and sharp corners can give your garden more of a cramped feel.

You can use almost anything to create your garden border whether it be planting rocks, wood, plastic, bricks, or anything else you may have laying around your backyard.


3) Hide Your AC Unit

Air conditioning is an essential for any Queensland household, however, the outdoor unit can be an eyesore in your garden. To clean up the look of your backyard, try building a simple wooden cover to hide the unattractive unit. Alternatively, there are plenty of ready made screens and covers that you can buy to hide your air conditioner and give your backyard a cleaner look.


4) Create A DIY Water Feature

DIY water feature

A water feature can turn the average backyard into a relaxing oasis. There are plenty of easy to follow online guides like this one to building a water feature that can help you transform your backyard without breaking the bank.


5) Add Outdoor Lights

Another way simple way to improve your backyard is by adding some outdoor lighting. This will allow you to start using your outdoor area at all times of the day rather than only in the daylight.

Start by illuminating any paths that you may have. This will make the pathway more welcoming as well as saving visitors from tripping over fallen branches and other unexpected obstacles.

If you don’t want to go all out and install new lighting, try hanging up some string lights above your deck or patio to create a relaxing ambience.


6) Build A Raised Garden Bed

build a raised garden bed

If you don’t already have a garden bed to work with why not build a raised garden bed for your plants. Raised garden beds are particularly great for beginner gardeners as it keeps your garden contained and helps to prevent weed growth.

Additionally, building a raised garden bed can be an inexpensive landscaping DIY by using any wood you have lying around or purchasing recycled wood at a discounted rate. Once you have built your garden bed, fill it with colourful plants and flowers – or even veggies – to liven up your backyard.


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